St. Patrick's Day Free Printables

Erin Go Bragh! Sure an' it's soon we'll be wearin' the green and looking for a pot of gold with the leprechauns! St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, on March 17th. St. Patrick's Day celebrates the life of Patricus was a young wealthy Roman boy living in Briton, who was kidnapped and taken into slavery by Irish merchants. On the Irish shores the the young Patrick encountered harsh treatment and pagan Druids. Patrick later escaped and returned home, but only to complete his training to become and priest and bishop. Patrick asked permission of the Pope to return to Ireland to bring the gospel to the pagans and peasants who were suffering. Patrick's mission brought peace and safety to the beleaguered Irish and ultimately the King converted, leading his people to a new hope. Ireland became a center of learning and culture and instituted the exemplary Brehon court system, a model for legal justice. Here are activities to explore this beloved saint. St. Patrick's Day Free Printables

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