Free Geminids Meteor Shower Resources, Comet Wirtanen Lesson Plans

There's a party going on in the heavens right now! Two, count them two, meteor showers are raising some celestial fireworks. December's regularly-scheduled Geminids meteor shower is doing her stuff (Geminids are called "fireball" meteors--check them out and you'll see why!). And a brand-new meteor light show from comet Wirtanen may put in an appearance. Wirtanen visits every 5ish years, but this is the first time she's bringing friends! Two disclaimors, first article I linked to is about the Ursid meteor shower on Winter Solstice, 2010 (remember a lunar eclipse showed up, too?). But the links I used have materials on the Geminids--just click the homepage or type "geminids" in the search. There's info on Wirtanen too. In 2010, we didn't get to see much of that trifecta, because it was overcast. But the 2012 Geminids arrive on a cloudless night. So get out there and enjoy. And follow up with these printables in school or at home. (Once a homeschooler always a homeschooler). Also, yes this isn't really a holiday, but I think a meteor shower is definitely something to celebrate!! Read more

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