Free printable Thanksgiving Pilgrim and Native American craft projects

Thanksgiving in the US celebrates the survival of the Puritans, also called pilgrims, who came on the Mayflower. Thanksgiving remembers the difficulties the New England pilgrims faced and the help they received from local Native American Indians. The Thanksgiving dinner honors the feast shared by the New England pilgrims and native Americans as they gave thanks for getting through their early trials. Here are free printable pilgrim crafts.
The Toymaker has loads of free holiday crafts for a diverse array of world celebrations. Here is the Toymaker's Thanksgiving craft projects page. You can print a plethora of Thanksgiving pilgrims crafts. There's are other cut and paste paper craft projects like a 3D model of the Mayflower, Make free printable Thanksgiving greeting cards with pilgrims giving thanks. Create cute cut and paste Thanksgiving turkey table decorations. There are cut and paste Thanksgiving napkin rings and photo frame greeting card, Thanksgiving dinner place cards and a treat box, (or bonbon box as it's called in Great Britain) and many other holiday crafts.
Making friends is one of the largest free printable crafts websites on the internet. Making Friends has free Thanksgiving pilgrim paper craft projects and printables.. There are also free printable Thanksgiving pilgrim paper craft projects, paper dolls, coloring pages, decorations, party supplies and greeting cards. Check out the Mayflower coloring pages and crafts too.
Disney Family has loads of adorable free Thanksgiving craft projects in Disney character themes. Check out the printable pilgrims crafts featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as a cute pilgrim couple. There's a cut and paste 3D Goofy pilgrim hat to print. You'll find many other ree printable pilgrim crafts, turkey craft projects, native American Indian crafts. Print pilgrim themed party decorations, coloring pages, greeting cards, crafts and lots more. This site is definitely worth bookmarking and checking regularly for more great free holiday activities. Artists helping Children has many more cut and paste Thanksgiving paper craft projects, too.

Most all of these free printable paper craft projects require that you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer so that you can open the links. You will also want to shut off any pop-up blocker software that you may be running. The printables open in windows and pop-up blockers sometimes prevent them from opening.

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